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We don’t profess to do everything! But we have become specialists in a few valuable areas.


We are experts in building complex responsive HTML5 templates. We like creating smart front-end setups with CSS preprocessors , tools allowing automation and test runners to make your (and our) lives easier. Finally where it makes sense we are fans of SPA (single page application) approach using ReactJS (React Native) and AngularJS (at times wrapped in Project Cordova/Electron to make the final product a mobile or desktop app).

Example HTML 5 Projects


Lovestruck Dating Website UI

Full set of HTML templates and interaction states built for integration by an in-house development team with their own API.

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Responsive Web App

Responsive HTML templates for the marketing website and the InsightBee report ordering tool. A resources section was built and integrated with HubSpot.

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Full website builds using Wordpress as a content management system. We can upgrade your installation with ‘off the shelf’ plug-ins. For example wooCommerce can save you money on eshops, WP-members gets you started with membership driven sites, MailPoet is handy for newsletters, etc. Or we can bespokely enhance your site to meet pretty much any custom requirements. We would do so by packaging up the new functionality neatly into a new plug-in so you don’t lose the important future WP security upgrades.

Example Wordpress Projects



Responsive multi-lingual website with a custom wooCommerce solution to allow filtering and ordering of complex configurable products. Combined with 3 distinct content marketing sections this was a large scale Wordpress implementation.

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Flanagan Lawrence

Architect Portfolio Site

Fine crafted responsiveness, alternative gallery listing & filtering, customized Google map experience and brand new WP plugin allowing administrators to define a focal point to which responsive images centre when the page is resized.

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React JS, Angular JS

Comparing React and AngularJS is a popular topic. Both are advanced, widely adopted JavaScript technologies that we use to create interactive single-page applications (SPAs). We are not here to fight one over the other but we can guide you through the decision process or simply respect your opinion.

Example SPA Projects

Angular Apps

Angular Apps

We are up to speed with Angular 4. Add Electron or Cordova and your app is ready to roll. See how we went about creating an UI for a software used by a call centre company.

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React JS + Native

React Native

Take for example Debrett’s Wedding Planner. For this Android & iOS app, we took advantage of our "home grown" API service, Firebase for push notifications and CodePush for easy updating.

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Bespoke development

We offer custom PHP programming – Zend Framework 3, (My)SQL Database Development, Custom tasks like RESTful APIs, system audits, performance optimization, content migration and more...

Example Bespoke Projects

Royal Mail PAF

Royal Mail PAF

With our partners at Data advance we've been involved in various projects, including Royal Mail's PAF Licensing Centre.

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Interactive Map

A Zend Framework 2 application - a tool for detailed overview of company brands with a social (networks) presence in the EU.

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