Code 8


A remote team that’s anything but. For a project to be a success, we believe communication is key.

Skill-up or partner-up

We’re used to syncing with development sprint cycles and meeting client deadlines.

Dedicated in-house teams are hard to beat, but when that’s not an option we’re happy to offer our services. We’ve spent years working remotely for design agencies, businesses, start-ups and other development agencies, and are proud to say we’ve made each and every one happy clients.

We work how you work

Code 8 has evolved as a company to be adaptive and flexible so we can fit with your team. We want to help you make the right technical choices and can consult with you to arrive at the best solution. We also want to help support your team and fill your resource-gaps. We’re used to syncing with development sprint cycles and meeting deadlines.


Remote working is easier today than ever before. The variety of communication tools available, as well as reliance on the traditional ones, means we can keep in constant communication with our clients. Our key team members all speak and write fluent English and the ones that aren’t fluent yet are working on it (we have our own weekly English tutor).

Extending your team

Experience tells us that our clients like to have a dedicated developer on a project. Someone who gets to know the project inside out, so we try to ensure you will have just that. We ensure project knowledge is shared with the broader team so that everyone is up-to-speed so if your dedicated team member is not available, someone knowledgeable can help.

Working with developers

For tech teams that require front-end support we are used to fitting in with your teams sprint cycles.

Working with designers

We endeavour to make sure that the details in your designs make it through to the build.

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

We like to think ahead. We’d rather get things right from the start and in the past have had to help clients untangle coding hiccups they’ve had built elsewhere. So we need to work with you to properly scope your project. We offer a broad range of services but we’re happy to deliver just the part of a project that you need. This might be purely the HTML front-end or a full CMS build; we can cut the cloth accordingly.


We can work to pre-defined budgets or for ongoing clients we keep track of time using our own time-tracking tool we built called Marticka. At the end of each month we can give you a full breakdown of the hours spent across each project.

The latest web standards


There is no doubt that the Web has made some great progress in the last decade and with accelerating browser release cycles there is more goodness to come. At Code 8 we are watching the latest tech advances closely but we as well understand the arguments for backward compatibility. The stand we take on these two extremities depends greatly on client, his target audience and level of dedication he wishes to exercise. We've been using testing frameworks like Jest, Mocha or Jasmine to mitigate bugs in JavaScript for example. Whatever your requirement we are here to help finding the right setup for each case.

It’s your code


We want you to own your code, we use a Git or Subversion repository to store releases. We believe it’s important for clients to be able to take their code where they like and work with whomever they like. Not all development agencies think this way.

The right tool for the job

We are experts at what we do, but we don’t profess to be capable of anything using our in-house team, and so we have a network of specialists to help bolster our skill-sets if an when required.