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We don’t profess to do everything! But we have become specialists in a few valuable areas.

Jamstack applications

Jamstack is a web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript code, reusable APIs, and markup content. The idea is easily manageable back end + powerful front end. Simply put, Jamstack helps us deliver superior user experiences.

Example Jamstack Projects


Superfast Sitelet

Client wishes to manage data via his favourite CMS however the site is unlikely to be updated frequently. This is a perfect scenario for static site generator sourcing data via API of “behind the scene” Wordpress instance.

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Online Bookshop

Responsive HTML templates for the marketing website and the InsightBee report ordering tool. A resources section was built and integrated with HubSpot.

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Gatsby or Next JS?

Gatsby JS is a static site generator tool. Next JS is mainly a tool for server-side rendered pages. Of course, both can call APIs client side and both excell at performance and SEO. If this all sounds like gibberish to you, just get in touch and we will help you find the best fit for your project.

Example Gatsby and Next JS Projects


Gatsby JS

A Gatsby website which provides blazing fast user eperience. Markdown files are used to power the blog section and due the static file nature the site ranks high across all search engines.

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Next JS

Next JS allowed us to strike best ballance between performance of static file generation and the hassle of building the whole site over and over again. Part of the site is ready (as a static file) up front whilst the dynamic elements stay always up to date.

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Mobile apps

Sharing majority of code between Android and iOS saves a lot of resources when building and maintaining your project. We rely on hybrid technologies like React Native to get more bang for your buck.

Example Mobile Apps Projects

Dr Mouse App

Vets in Czechia?

Dr. Mouse is a mobile app for Android and iOS. It maps veterinaries in Czechia and helps you find the right vet for you pet anywhere. Even offline. Handy in case of emergency, don't you think?

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Debrett’s wedding planner

Wedding guide

Take for example Debrett’s Wedding Planner. For this Android & iOS app, we took advantage of our "home grown" API service, Firebase for push notifications and CodePush for easy updating.

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APIs, Backend solutions & DevOps

We offer custom NodeJS and PHP programming. We do (mostly) SQL Databases, RESTful APIs, custom tasks like system audits, performance optimization, content migration etc. We’ve got extensive experience in the field of DevOps, CI/CD and cost efficient automatic testing.

Example Bespoke Projects

Royal Mail PAF

Royal Mail PAF

With our partners at Data advance we've been involved in various projects, including Royal Mail's PAF Licensing Centre.

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Interactive Map

A LAMP application - a tool for detailed overview of company brands with a social (networks) presence in the EU.

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Idea making & Product Design

Every product has its own story. We are storytellers. We could be a powerful partner to you in those times when ideas come to life. You can lean on our expertise and borrow our skillset for your product take shape. This is rarely an easy process, but we’ve been there many times. That’s why we are confident we can make all the difference.

Example Product Design Projects


Online Songbook

We wanted a songbook that would be comfortable, simple, and fast. We did not find anything that would suit us. So we created our own. From the idea, through the product design to the development. It is free for everyone.

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Animated Onepager

The current design of the antibacterial crayon product lineup did not suit KOH-I-NOOR Deutschland GmbH. We decided to go back to the very beginning and create a new communication design for this product line. A design that will be far more focused on children and their parents.

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